Room rental

Are you organizing a small or large event for which you are still looking for a suitable space? 

There is plenty of choice at Camping Fuussekaul: The Winter Chalet, The Kailchen, The Clubhouse, Party Hall "Um Juck", The Big Tent and the Small Tent. To relieve you even more of your worries, we also offer a catering service

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Our cosy and charming winter chalet can be rented during the winter months for small groups up to 22 persons. Located right next to Restaurant Auberge Fuussekaul, the winter chalet offers seating, heating and a small kitchen. Toilets can be used in the restaurant of Auberge Fuussekaul next door. 

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Our event room Kailchen is a perfect party room and ideal for family celebrations and team-building activities. The Kailchen is about 135 m2 and can accommodate up to 60 persons. The event room has a bar with beer dispenser, a large fridge and freezer, a beamer with screen and private toilets. 

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The Clubhouse is a modern event room with smart TV and private toilets. There is a fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator and beverage coolers. The clubhouse can accommodate up to 40 persons and is the perfect place for group events and family parties!

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Um Juck

Our event room "Um Juck" has a surface of around 160 m2 and can accommodate up to 80 persons. "Um Juck" is located above sanitary building number 3 and offers space for workshops, group meetings and teambuilding activities. The room is spacious and offers plenty of light. 

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Small event tent

The small event tent is located behind sanitary building number 3. The small event tent can accommodate up to 80 persons. The small event tent is suitable for group meetings and workshops.

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Large event tent

Next to the reception of Camping Fuussekaul you find the large event tent with a surface of approximately 144 m2

The large event tent can accommodate up to 90 persons. The large event tent has a paved floor and toilets can be used in sanitary building number 1. 

It is even possible to organize your wedding party here!

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